Information about TikLive

App Name:TikLive
Size:80 Mb
Operating system:APK, IOS
Category:Live, make money, have fun
Address:27485 Commerce Center Dr, Temecula, CA 92590, United States

TikLive is a versatile entertainment platform present in many countries around the world. Here, users are free to express their personality and creativity through livestream. The special feature of this platform is that users can make money from online betting games. Joining TikLive, everyone will be able to interact, chat and play games with other members on the app.

Currently the application is available on Android and iOS operating systems, people can easily download and install the application to their phones. However, before installing on the phone. Everyone should learn some information about the TikLive application, see if the application is suitable for everyone.

About TikLive app

Tik Live is a global entertainment application, providing users with a full range of entertainment content such as sharing photos, videos, chatting, making friends with people around the world, watching Live Stream and playing online games. …and much more for you to discover. Currently, the application is available in many countries around the world, anyone can join. Join Tik Live, you will enjoy a colorful, extremely attractive entertainment world.

If you just want to have fun, you can join the daily live stream on the app. The beautiful and sexy Idols and Streamers show their talents for you to enjoy every day. You can interact with Idols, Streamers by commenting, giving gifts. If you want to make money, then join online betting games, the games here are very diverse, there are many genres for you to choose from. It is important that the game is reputable, quality and easy to make money.

As everyone knows, Tik Live is a global application, with many members from many different countries. Here, you can exchange, make friends and chat with members. From there, you will learn about each other's culture and language and share about life.

The benefits and drawbacks when people join the TikLive app

For everyone to make the best use of TikLive. We list the limitations and benefits of using the app for everyone to know. Specifically the following information:


  • Registering an account is very simple, just a phone number. Successful registration also get some money from
  • The application is available on all operating systems today, people can easily download and install the application on their phones. Download the app completely for free.
  • The application has a large number of members, people easily make friends and chat with people everywhere.
  • Join betting games at Tik Live, anyone can easily win from the games. Prestigious game, not cheating
  • Meet and interact with famous Idols and Streamers from all over the world. Talented Idols and Streamers will bring you an exciting livestream
  • People using the application do not need to worry about information security. Tik Live has a high-class information security system, all users' personal information is absolutely safe.
  • Many promotions and incentives for users. Users participating in the event have the opportunity to receive a lot of great value rewards. Promotions and offers on app recharge
  • Professional user care, everyone's problems and questions when using the application will be supported by the staff in the fastest way
  • Drawbacks

  • The app also has an age limit for users to join. Force users to be over 17 years old
  • Is a new application launched in the entertainment market. The app is still being updated and upgraded. As a result, the user cannot access the application causing discomfort and inhibition
  • The large number of users participating in the chat room leads to poor quality of photos, videos or live streams